The OET Nursing preparatory program was born during the pandemic, it can be aptly referred to as ‘Covid Baby’. I have been in the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry for 18 years but never paid that much interest in OET, not until during the lockdown.

Sometime 2020, during the height of the pandemic, when all of us were under house restriction, I received an email from OET Philippines, the email was about our TEFL TESOL program. It was a random and generic inquiry as to how we conduct the training and the fees.

Then, one email led to another and the exchange of messages shifted to OET. I just asked one curious question about how to become an OET preparation provider. I thought, to be an OET trainer to nurses, one must also be a nurse. However, I was told that it is not necessary since the focus is English and not nursing knowledge.

Finally, to cut the story, OET Philippines invited me to take part in the OET Preparation Provider training which was offered online but conducted, checked and monitored by OET Australia.

After weeks of reading, watching of lecture videos and doing quizzes as well as lesson planning I received my OET Knowledge badge. This badge means OET recognizes someone who is capable and knowledgeable about helping nurses get that desired OET Score.

Now, we have produced a good number of OET achievers, they are those who got their desired scores. However, this success is not solely ours. We alone can not make you pass. At the end of the day, it is you, the nurse trainee, who will sit there in the testing venue, who will make it happen. What we offer is to help you prepare effectively, so you will be able to anticipate possible challenges and be able to come up with counter actions.


Chresente ‘Ace’ C. Garong, LPT.

Director of Education and Training, EIS EDUCATION

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